TBdress Colour Blocking Bowknot Belt Dress Reviews

 My boyfriend will come back home after two years’ study in England. I want to let him remember our former good time, so I decide to buy a new sweet dress that could make me young. To find a sweet dress is not an easy thing. One time I scanned a blog and realized that there are full of different kinds of dresses form an online shop TBdress.com. I ordered a sweet-style dress and felt very satisfied. It has good quality and suitable for me. Now I share it to you and hope you find what you need and like.

blet dress

This lovely cheap short women day dress features short sleeve and special design. With a belt on the waist,this dress even looks more elegant and cute. The two colors are match perfectly. With this dress, I look full of young energy and cute. I can wear it for dating, shopping or for parties. It is in a big promotion, so I get this dress in low cost. If you want to know more information on the product or other kind of dresses, you can visit into TBdress Reviews page http://www.tbdress.com/Reviews/Women-Dresses-Reviews-c-100507/. There are lots of reviews of other customers that could help us find what we like in low cost on TBdress Reviews page.

Customer manuia said, ” This dress is absolutely stunning. It is very well made. totally worth it. This beautiful dress is just what i needed .”

And their customer service staff has a good service and responses with our best wishes, “ Dear customers, We are delighted to know that you are interested in our products . TBdress has a very professional team which is ready to give you the best quotation on quantity orders and detailed answer to every last of your question, we offer world-class products with the most competitive price, our sales team will soon sent an email to your personal email box or call you for future discussion, please just check your email box later and savor your time shopping here. Best regards TBdress, Today Booming;Tomorrow, the Best.”


TBdress Reviews: A-Line One-Shoulder Short Bridesmaid Dress

Would you like to be a unique beautiful girl on the wedding occasion day? I think every woman wants to be thus unique lady. Recently the wedding of my best friend will be held and it is really my honor to be her bridesmaid. Of course, I need  a suitable bridesmaid dress to dress myself. Last week, I visited a great online shop TBdress by chance and found this shop  had all kinds of women fashionable dresses. I ordered one dress that is wonderful. Show you my new dress.

bridesmaid dress

This short one-shoulder dress helps me. It has simple design which is suitable for me and every occasion, and the dress is custom-made that we can tailor it according to our sizes so that it can suit us to the best. If you also want to buy one dress and learn more real and useful information on such product, you could visit TBdress reviews page http://www.tbdress.com/Reviews/Homecoming-Dresses-Reviews-c-4369/.

Moreover, this bridesmaid dress is well designed and its quality is very good. Many other customers like it deeply and give good words for this dress on Tbdress reviews.


By Sebastiane

The dress came on time in excellent quality and fits me perfectly- the measurements are so accurate. The price of course was fantastic. It’s wonderful- and has saved us a lot of money.


By Dorothy

I really like the unique style of dress. All of the friends told me that I looks beautiful with the dress. I will recommend your website to whoever I know. Thanks.

TBdress Reviews for A-Line V-neck Short Homecoming Dress

This best selling a-line v-neck dress is gorgeous and cheap. This V-neck style makes people sexy and elegant which makes your neck more beautiful. This waistline fits any shape that will make people slim. The fabic is super soft and comfortable. You can wear it on prom or homecoming,also can wear it on a wedding. Now this dress is in a great discount. Get it now!

The price is just for the dress. Any other accessories in the picture, just like veil, jacket, etc. are not included. If you need to know more real and useful information on the product, please visit into TBdress reviews page.

prom dress

Many customers are favor of this dress. And you can see many good words on tbdress reviews page.

 Date:2013/2/18 0:00:00

By Isab**

OMG WOW My dress has just arrived and it is beautiful! I love this dress. It was very comfortable and beautiful! Do recommend it. Very fair price for very good quality!

 Date:2013/2/7 0:00:00

By M**

The dress came on time, quality and workmanship are both is excellent. And this dress is elegant and simpel. It is what i expected The price of course was fantastic. The price is more attractive.

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TBdress Reviews for Long Bridesmaid Dress

The design is more dramatic in appearance than any other simple bridesmaid dress. The off-the-shoulder allows you show your beautiful shoulders, elegant A-line floor-length and ruched design can perfectly show your figure and you can enjoy a happy time with this bridesmaid dress on the wedding event. So get it now.The price is just for the dress, and any other accessories in the picture, just like veil, jacket, etc, are not included. If you need to know more information about it, please enter into TBdress reviews page.

long bridesmaid dress

Many a customers are favor of this evening dress. There are some useful comments form TBdress reviews.


By Cecilia

I received this dress today in the mail and am happy to announce that I am completely satisfied. I had this dress custom ordered and have not tried it on yet however the quality and design that has been put into this dress makes it absoulutley stunning it gives me shivers.I had bought another two dresses on you website now and expect that the clothes will fit perfectly fine and will be of the same exceptional quality that I received from the first dress that I purchased on my first order to you folks – thank you so much – VERY VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER AND WOULD RECOMMEND YOU FOLKS TO ANYONE – keep up the great work!!

 Date:2012/12/1 0:00:00

By Eleano**

Details is very good, Hope you can keep it as a tradition. I will come again. Thank you.

 Date:2012/8/31 0:00:00

By Mer**

It was everything I expected! I couldn’t wait to try it on. It fit beautifully! I made a mistake by ordering the dress in wrong size, but their online service was brilliant, and they corrected me. I was overjoyed, because it is a perfect fit dress and nothing needs to be done to it. Thanks tbdress!

TBdress Reviews: Long Prom bridesmaid Dress

Would you like to be the most beautiful girl on prom/homecoming day? This long dress may help you. It has simple design which is suitable for everyone and every occasion, and the dress is custom-made that we can tailor it according to your size so that it can suit you to the best.The price is just for the dress. Any other accessories in the picture, just like veil, jacket, etc. are not included, and if you need to know more information about it, please enter into TBdress reviews page.


long prom dress1


Many a customers like this dress, and those are some good comments from TBdress reviews.


By inga2c

Absolutely brilliant! Very very satisfied with the product! great job and result and at such a super price! Thank you very much! My bridesmaid looks perfect in it!


By Joanne

I have received my bridal gown and it is beautiful! It looks as good as the picture and the quality of the fabric is superb. The workmanship is is flawless. I am very happy with my dress and will be ordering again. Thank you!


By Giselle

I have very pleased with the service and the garments I received. They are top quality for a very low price. My delivery was prompt. Any questions I had were answered promptly also. I will be shopping there again. Great find for me.

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TBdress Mother of the Bride Dress Reviews

With elegant trumpet and sweep style, this mother dress must be what you want.It features sweetheart neckline, especially its beautiful appliques and sexy split front which will make you become more charming and impressive. Besides, it has top quality and fabric. So get it now. The price is just for the dress. Any other accessories in the picture, just like veil, jacket, etc. are not included, and if you need one, please feel free to contact us.

mother the bride dress

Mothers of the brides express they like it very much. There are some useful comments as a reference for other customers. If you want learn more information,  please enter in TBdress reviews.


By Elma

I’m tall and can use apartments with it without the dress pulling on the ground. The sequin neck-line creates this dress more eye-catching and i really like it so much, recommended it.


By Hazel

This dress is FABULOUS!!! The quality, sewing and design is superior. very beautiful and it would be just in time for my grand daughter wedding. So happy with this dress, will recommend to others.


By Laurel

It Is Very Beautiful .I Was Surprised About The Quality Of The Dress For The Little Amount Of Money I Spent When I Ordered. Well Worth Every Penny. I Will Definitely Recommend Your Website To My Friends And Will Be Purchasing More From You, Thank You So Much!!


By Genevieve

Bought this dress for going out to celebrate my 20th birthday. Everyone complimented it, a friend even went online and bought it after. Gorgeous stylish dress which is classy and flattering. Would def recommend. If you have a bit of a mummy tummy, I recommend some good hold me ins, really makes the dress sit better.

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Elegant Ruched A-line One-shoulder Long Prom Dress Reviews

A suitable dress is very important for some important occasions, such as prom or a best friend’s wedding. We recommend you to buy this dress not only because it is really cheap, but also it is designed simply and classically that suits almost all people and all occasion. One-shoulder is also a good design to make this dress more lively.

The price is just for the dress. Any other accessories in the picture, just like veil, jacket, etc. are not included, and if you need one, please check in TBdress reviews for more information about it.

A-line One-shoulder Long Prom Dress

This dresses is approves by many customer and they leave their comment on TBdrss reviews page.


By Eudora

I love this dress and would like to order it for my bridal part . TBdress has a very professional team which is ready to give us the best quotation on quantity orders and detailed answer to ourevery  question. Please called asap so I can get the facts on ordering these dresses.


By Vernywil

The dress has a great finish. I loved the color. I wish your site had an option to choose the length of the floor length to avoid the additional cost of having to get the length tailored as it was the only problem I encountered with my dress. I’m 5’1′ (154cm) tall, so that is a lot of fabric that is going to waste. Besides that I shall be ordering my evening gowns for future events from your company. Thank you.

Tbdress Reviews for Evening Dresses

Elegant Column/Sheath Strapless Taline's Evening Dress


The description of the dress:

With strapless neckline, stunning beading and fashionable column style, this evening dress also has top design and excellent quality which will make you become more elegant and gorgeous, at the same time, Your confidence will come into being. We can customize it according to your own measurement. So for your unique beauty, take it now.The price is just for the dress. Any other accessories in the picture, just like veil, jacket, etc. are not included, and if you need one, please feel free to contact us.

The reviews of the dress:

  • Date:31/10/2012
  • By adinciamussington
  • Dress is beautiful. THe surprise was the fact that the tail of the dress is very long which it did not seem so in the picture.
  • Dear sir/madam, We are so happy to hear that you like the dress, and we will ceaselessly improve our quality as well as service, we will try our be to shorten the processing time and shipping time too so as to make you get the items in a more timely manner. Best regards, Customer Service Rep

  • Date:30/10/2012
  • By MissLee
  • I would like to have this dress by the 15th of November. Do you have a size 2 available that can be shipped right away? I am in Oklahoma and would like some more details. I do not want anything special done to it and I am hoping it would be easier to send it out faster….thank you!
  • Dear customer, thx a lot for your concern and interest, but i am really sorry to tellyou, whatever the size, we have no dress in stock, we only begin a dress after receiving an order, sorry to disappoint you.
    • Date:25/09/2012
    • By ctorrence
    • The dress was beautifully made. Although your initial shipping time was missed; I appreciate you sending it express
    • Dear sir/madam,We are happy to hear that you like the dress; We are improving our service and shorten the processing time in the future, hope you can shopping more from us. Best regards Customer Service Department

    • Date:20/09/2012
    • By Demi
    • I was wondering if i ordered the dress will it look exactly like the picture because i absolutley LOVE it and i want it for formal

    If you want to know more about Tbdress’s products, you can visit http://www.tbdress.com/Reviews/.

Tbdress Reviews for An A-line Prom Dress

Ruched A-Line V-Neck Long Prom Dress

The description of the dress:

This beautiful dress is perfect for that upcoming special events, prom, evening party, graduation, military ball, homecoming, formal dance, or wedding parties.You can customize the dress according to your size and preference.

The Tbdress reviews made by its customers:

  • Date:15/02/2013
  • By anita_green1
  • II love the dress very much but some of the seams wasn’t completely stitched and the waist wasn’t measured according to the size but overall im pleased just couldn’t get it zipped up thank you very will purchase more in near future
  • Date:2012/11/18 0:00:00
  • By apri**
  • We have ordered one of these dresses and need a total of 6 more. If I order 3 and the groom’s family orders 3 will there be any break in the shipping costs? Please get back to me as soon as possible as we would like to get them ordered but want to order them in the most cost effective way. Thank you for your prompt response. We really like the dress we recieved!
  • Date:2012/11/5 0:00:00
  • By apri**
  • I ordered 1 of these dresses at the discounted price of $52.99 just to check for sizes for the rest of my bridesmaids. Once we get the dress and try the size, will we still be able to order the additional 6 dresses at this same price? We just weren’t clear on why the count down clock is on the page and didn’t want to miss out on this dress, as we really like them!


  • There are lots of such prom dresses reviews at Tbdress, the leading online store on women clothing, if you are interested, you can visit the store to take a look at these reviews yourself. You will get some ideas for you future online shopping for sure.

Tbdress Reviews for a Gorgeous Bridesmaid Dress

Are you looking for a bridesmaid dress? Don’t hesitate! This bridesmaid dress is the best choice for you! It’s a long bridesmaid dress with features of sheath/column silhouette and V-neck neckline, and the material is very soft and comfortable to wear for various occasions. The price is under $100 which is very cheap, and it is custom-made that your requests will be considered firstly. As it is the top seller in tbdress.com, you won’t want to miss it! Just Shop It!
The price is just for the dress. Any other accessories in the picture, just like veil, jacket, etc. are not included, and if you need one, please feel free to contact us.

Elegant Ruched Sheath/Column V-Neck Long Bridesmaid Dress


Here comes the Tbdress reviews for this beautiful dress:

  • Date:10/07/2013
  • By Littlejessy94
  • The dress is wonderful and i love the fabric. Is just a little darker than the picture but it looks good.
  • Dear customer, Thank you for your inquiry as well as your support with our products. This is customer service representative on TBdress.com,it’s my great honor to serve you and we will offer sincere help for you! We are so glad to hear you that you are so satisfactory about your order. Your satisfaction is our long-term pursuit and upmost concern, Wish you a very happy shopping. And if you have any other questions or for further help,please let me know and I will reply you as soon as possible or you can contact our customer service: service@tbdress.com. You can get more details about our website or if you have any questions or doubt,please click the below link for further references :TBdress.com Help Center If you want some other items with better discount price and fast delivery , please click the below VIP link: http://www.tbdress.com/VIP%20link?CSID=389116 Thanks and best regards! Customer Service Department Email:service@tbdress.com Tel: 86-29-68532816
  • Date:11/05/2013
  • By bmcgregor60
  • I was very pleased with this dress it was a burgundy more red then i thought it should be all the same it is buetifuly it didn’t make a differents to the bridesmaid she loves the color.
    • Date:09/05/2013
    • Bridesmaid dresss reviews for Tbdress by dwatson0062
    • I got this dress to wear as my wedding dress in ivory. I am absolutely in love with it. It’s so beautiful. Would recommend this company to anyone looking for a wedding dress.